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Charles Harder Enterprises
P.O. Box A
White Springs, Florida 32096
386 397-4489 

This website is for information to potential investors or a partner who understands the element of risk and that
your funds could be lost if we are not a success. 
This potential offer for investors in Florida is not registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission
and is considered as a private placement to less than 25 investors.These securities are unregistered under the
SEC JOBS Act and are not meant to be re-sold for at least a year after purchase. 
This information is for the media, venture capital organizations and accredited investors.
Any income forecasts are opinions only.
Consult you financial advisors prior to investing. If you do send a check it will not be deposited for 3 days after
receipt and if you email us asking that we return the check we will do so.
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